With more than 20 years experience working with manufacturers, and 10 years experience working with Amazon.com, PNW Ecommerce has the tools and experience to help your business succeed. Whether you’re brand new to selling on Amazon, you’re already selling to Amazon, or you’re stuck selling on the Amazon Marketplace, we can take you to the next level.

What we do:

What we do depends on what your current relationship with Amazon is:

Brand New to Selling on Amazon:

If you’re looking to start selling on Amazon, PNW Ecommerce doesn’t simply help you sell your products on Amazon. We help you sell TO Amazon. Amazon will purchase from you and stock your product in their warehouses. From there, we manage every aspect of your Amazon account allowing you to focus your time on other aspects of your business. For more information on what we offer for new Amazon sellers, visit our brand new to selling on Amazon page.

Already an Amazon Vendor:

We know that Amazon takes hours upon hours of work to maintain and grow. We take all of that off of your plate allowing you to simply accept and ship Amazon’s orders. As your Amazon Vendor Manufacturers Representative, we handle everything else – NIS (new item setups), ASIN creation, image uploads, video uploads, keyword creation, search optimization, marketing opportunities, and much, much more! Our many years of experience and deep understanding of Amazon can help increase your bottom line. For more information on what we offer, visit our already selling to Amazon page.

Selling on the Amazon Marketplace (3p):

We make the transition to selling direct to Amazon as easy as possible. Spend less time working with amazon as a seller and make more money as a Vendor.  For more information on what we offer for current 3P sellers, visit our selling on the Amazon Marketplace page.

What’s it cost?

We’re able to do all of this at an affordable rate. Please contact us today for a no pressure analysis of what we can do for your business!